Klear Futures – What we offer

Dependent on the individual circumstances of young people the following can be offered within our fees.

• Therapeutic Assessments undertaken by Doctor Amber Elliott
• Family Work
• Preparation for Independence
• Individual Therapeutic Programmes addressing:
• Attachment Disorders
• Effects of Past Abuse and Neglect
• Self- harming behaviour
• Drug and alcohol problems
• Inappropriate sexual behaviour
• Offending behaviours

Klear Futures provides young people with a positive experience of group living in our registered homes. Within the framework of their individual care plans, all young people are treated with respect and have their rights to privacy, choice, dignity and independence upheld.

All young people are provided with mechanisms by which to have their complaints addressed, if they are unhappy with any aspect of the service being provided to them. Every young person receives equality of care, irrespective of their sex, sexual orientation, ethnic, cultural, linguistic or religious background. When applicable, provision is made to ensure that religious observances, dietary considerations, festivals etc are recognised and facilitated.

Young people accommodated are between the ages of 8yrs and 17yrs on admission. The maximum age gap between young people accommodated is four years.

Young people of either sex are accommodated. All young people accommodated, whenever possible will have been met by one of our management team prior to their admission, both to ascertain their suitability for placement and to ensure that the “mix” of young people accommodated is appropriate.

During the first three months of a young person’s residence a comprehensive therapeutic assessment is undertaken. The assessment will be used to formulate a detailed programme appropriate for the young person

The only emergency placements which will be considered will be assessed by the management team, have been receiving therapy externally from other clinicians or are thought to be suitable for placements that we offer . No other emergency placements will be considered although decisions regarding placement can be made within 24 hours of referral.