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All of us at Klear Futures are committed to providing the best possible service for young people. We welcome your compliments, comments, suggestions and complaints to help us continually monitor and improve all areas of our service..

We would like to know when we have done things well, when things are not right or when you have suggestions for improvement to our services.

• We will handle all complaints politely and within agreed timescales.
• We will pass on compliments to the relevant staff and young people.
• We will listen to your suggestions for improvement.
• We Would Like To Hear From You If You:
• Are happy with the services we provide and would like to compliment the staff or young people.
• Have any suggestions as to how we can improve.
• Have a complaint or concern.
• All complaints will be taken seriously and dealt with within a clear timescale.
• Telling Us What We Are Doing Well

When you feel things are going well it is very helpful if we hear about it. We all work well if we receive positive feedback. It helps retain good staff morale and motivation which, in turn benefits the young people in our care.

To express you approval you can write, telephone, e-mail or speak personally to the staff concerned or the Registered Manager. Whichever method you choose your comments will be appreciated.

Making Suggestions

As someone who has contact with our services, you may have ideas as to how we can further develop or improve.

We would be happy to hear your suggestions either by letter, telephone, e-mail or by telling staff or the Registered Manager.

All suggestions received will be considered by the staff team to see if they can improve the service to young people and we will let you know the outcome.

Our Contact Details

Klear Futures Limited
26 Franklin Drive
Burntwood, Staffordshire

t.. 01889 801270/07855 367403 .